The Costa d'Amalfi DOC denomination includes red, white and rosé wines produced along the Amalfi Coast, famous for its cliffs that plunge into the blue coast of the Gulf of Salerno and its spectacular landscapes, without forgetting the terraces placed on steep rocky walls.

Ravello, Furore and Tramonti are three villages on the Amalfi Coast where particularly fine and award-winning wines are produced.

The Costa d'Amalfi Rosso DOC is based on the classic red varieties from Campania of Aglianico, Piedirosso and Sciascinoso (known as Olivella). Costa d'Amalfi DOC red wine can have the RISERVA denomination only if it comes from one of these municipalities and has aged for at least two years, of which at least 12 months in cask.

More or less intense ruby ​​color

Vinous smell

Dry, medium-bodied flavor, rightly tannic

Alcoholic strength min. 10.50%

Vines Piedirosso (loc. Called Per 'e Palummo) (min. 40%), Sciascinoso (loc. Called Olivella) and / or Aglianico (max 60%), others (max 40%);

Pairings: stewed white meats, pork chop, pappardelle with meat or rabbit ragout; excellent with larded bucatini ...

The Rosati della Costa d'Amalfi DOC use the same blend to give intensely fragrant wines that are mostly dry on the palate.

The Costa d'Amalfi Bianco DOC is mainly composed of Falanghina and Biancolella.

More or less intense straw color

Delicate and pleasant smell

Dry, tasteful flavor; full-bodied, fresh harmonious, harmonious

Alcoholic strength min. 10.00%

Grapes Falanghina (loc. Called Biancazita) (min.40%), Biancolella (loc. Called Biancatenera) (min.20%), others (max 40%)

Pairings: with seafood salad, cicinielli and seaweed fritters, tubes with monkfish or monkfish, grilled fish and shellfish; it is in perfect harmony with scialatielli alla paranza and with squid and potatoes.